Your Way Cuisines

After beginning a gluten free diet, Kristie began feeling better after only one week. She had less fatigue, less bloating, no more runny nose and eventually her asthma attacks lessened. Today, Kristie has been gluten-free for over four years and her asthma has greatly improved. She spent a lot of time trying various products and combinations of ingredients and has learned what both tastes best and works best when preparing meals. Her intensive research and preparing foods through trial and error lead  her to create the best gluten-free roux!

Kristie Buford

Kristie Buford, founder of Your Way Cuisines, was initially diagnosed at age 21 with severe asthma when she was hospitalized for seven days. Over the last fifteen years she has had many hospital stays and has suffered tremendously from this debilitating condition with no resolve. Her body was not responding to medications properly and because she did not show the typical outward signs of food allergies, doctors were hesitant to test her for food allergies. However, after much convincing, Kristie was tested only to find out she was allergic to wheat. Upon which, her internist suggested a gluten-free diet.