No more missing out on delicious Cajun cuisines just because you're on a gluten-free diet! With Your Way Cuisines, gluten-free roux in a jar, now you can enjoy all the gumbo, stews, gravies, Étouffée, soups and more you like without sacrificing taste.  Made in the heart of Cajun Country in Lafayette, Louisiana, Sorghum & Corn Roux is a gluten-free roux replacement for enriched flour rouxs.  It is gluten-free goodness everyone will love.  It also has all the health benefits of cooking with coconut oil.  

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Have you been advised to go on a "gluten-free" diet but miss enjoying delicious, traditional cajun meals, like chicken and sausage or seafood gumbo? Your Way Cuisines has the solution Louisiana's best "GLUTEN-FREE" roux!